Evil – In the Time of Heroes

Athens has been invaded by zombies! But this is not the first time this has happened. In the sequel to Greece’s first zombie film, Evil (which is not a viewing necessity to understand this one) we are taken, by flashbacks, to ancient times to witness how these maniacs were dealt with. The present is now battling the same problem as the portal of evil has been opened wide and a new insane blood bath is spreading throughout the city.

A group of colourful individuals come together in the battle against these aesthetically pleasant zombies. A battle that appears to include a bunch of trigger happy, non-infected, players. As if this were not enough, the government has come to the decision that a mass bombing action is the only way to stop the infection from spreading. Time is of the essence! In the meantime, a timeless zombie hunter and messenger skulks around, played by Billy Zane, with a prophecy and a flattering jacket. One person in the colourful bunch must be made aware of the incredible super powers he possesses.

This grotesque splatter fest is filled with bloody humour, lively editing, bizarre characters and oh, so gory zombie slaying! Yorgos Noussias knows how to satisfy the blood thirsty zombie lovers and he does it oh so well!

Afsaneh Larsson

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