Nuno is a hot dog vendor at a small and insignificant little hot dog cart but deep down he is an incurable inventor. He has proudly created a contraption which will revolutionize the world’s shoe industry. The unrivalled gadget is…(drum roll, please) a foot scanner! Is one part of your foot feeling uncomfortable while another feels great when trying on shoes? Well Nuno’s invention will help rid the problems of shoe testing. The only problem is getting his invention sold, a problem that has become slightly more difficult as Nuno’s car has been occupying most of his time…

Embargo simmers with the same kind of dark comedy humour that can be found in the films of the Cohen brothers. The type of humour that isn’t in your face but that you still feel in every bone of your body and that spreads itself around the theatre. The film is based on a short story with the same title by Nobel prize winner José Saramago, who has also written Baltasar and Blimunda and Blindness.  António Ferreira has created a fabulous portugese pearl that feels warm, comical and comfortably peculiar.

Afsaneh Larsson

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  1. Miquel says:

    skriver:Donnie Darko e4r horribel! Gillar er pe5dkast! Hannes e4r sf6t. Viktor ockse5. Patrik e4r ockse5 chrimag. Rasmus, han e4r inte sf6t..E-Dawg OUT

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