A big, adorable sleepwalking cannibal and an artist of debatable moral standards (is there any other kind?) in a Fargoesque environment.

A well-played, funny film with perfect comic timing. The world famous Danish artist Lars Olafssen is having the artist equivalent of writer’s block. He hasn’t painted a thing in ten years. So he goes to Canada hoping to paint while teaching at the local art school. But inspiration is nowhere to be seen and the canvases remain blank. Somehow, he becomes the guardian/friend/landlord of Eddie, a mute, mentally challenged man whose aunt just died. The two become the best of friends, but there’s one problem: in times of big emotional stress, Eddie sleepwalks, and eats rabbits. Or dogs. Or… whoops… people…

Lars, finally having found that spark of divine morbid inspiration, starts using this to his advantage. Soon, the whole situation spins way out of control, as Lars decides to paint his masterpiece.

Celeste Sjölin

(The screening is co-presented by Fridthjof Film)

Short film: The Fantastic Adventures of Athanase
Have you ever ordered fast food that wasn’t as expected? Maybe fast food from so far away it might as well be another planet? Thanks for calling Orion 7.
Directed by: Norman Bosse-Platière, Victor Druillet

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