He doesn’t remove his helmet! What I’m referring to is of course the earlier adaptation of Judge Dredd with Stallone in the lead. A total mess of a film where Dredd runs around without his iconic helmet for most of the film.

The helmet stays on throughout Alex Garlands (The Beach) hardcore and brilliant version, which stays extremely faithful to John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra’s comic, created for the classic British comic 2000AD. In a post-apocalyptic USA, most of the population lives in gigantic cities and the law is upheld by “Judges” – a kind of cop who is judge, jury and if necessary executioner. The most legendary of them all is Judge Dredd.

Here, we get to follow Dredd (Karl Urban) and his female partner Judge Anderson (Olivia Thirlby) on a routine mission that ends up being not being very routinely at all. The film is most easily described as The Raid starring Dredd and has some of the coolest and most innovative 3D-effects ever!

Johan Barrander

(The screening is co-presented by SF Film and Moviezine.se)

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