Meet Bruho and Dirty Fred, two men with a novel interpretation of the term ”rootless existence” and a radical if not anarchistic approach to the concept of “property”.  If you had read online that the world is running out of oil and by that assumption is on a collision course with the apocalypse, wouldn’t you too adopt a lifestyle of breaking into people’s homes in order to eat and drink everything you could find before moving on to the next house? Are you saying you wouldn’t?

The movie critic Eddie Mullins put his pen down, picked up a camera and crafted the immediate cult-classic Doomsdays. Join Dirty Fred and Bruho on an absurd, sometimes nihilistic but throughout deeply humorous journey as many different living rooms, and some companions pass by in bittersweet and perfectly composed images.

This America you haven’t seen on film before. And according to Bruho and Dirty Fred – but pretty much no one else – it will be gone in the next second or so.

Text: Jake Bolin

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