Six odd teens break into a big luxurious house and let go of all restraints. Massive amounts of drugs and alcohol are consumed and the house is slowly demolished. A countdown to the storm which is about to break loose when it is discovered that one of the kids actually lives in the house. Anger, betrayal but above all confusion drives them all to the edge as they desperately try to figure out what is really going on.

Academy Award nominated Kirsten Sheridan (In America) makes a new effort together with Irish film collective The Factory. In this production Sheridan tries to paint a more athentic picture of the social situation that is everyday life to some young Dubliners today. The atmosphere in the movie becomes both surrealistic and intense, and overall it is reminiscent of both Kids, Lord of The Flies and A Clockwork Orange. As the plot thickens, one thing becomes very clear: These kids are going to have one hell of a hangover!

Malin Svensson

(The screening is co-presented by Visit Films)

Short film: Coming of Oracle
A crazy stop motion journey to a wild and imaginary heaven and hell. This is what happens when you die – in a whole new perspective.
Directed by: Rao Heidmets

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