Death on Scenic Drive

A young woman named Larissa is about take care of a house for a couple of days, in the middle of nowhere. In the calm before the storm and the fierce silence surrounding the place, a mysterious discomfort creeps closer and closer.

Strange sounds, dead birds and unexplained events are just the beginning. Soon something has taken over Larissa, something bloodthirsty and brutal and the future for the few people in her immediate vicinity, quickly changes to look very, very dark. Very, very dark and very, very bloody.

Canadian Gabriel Carrer has created horror magic with a lovely wink to the European surrealistic horror of the 1970s, without losing his own unique core. We screened his brutally beautiful The Demolisher in 2015 and now he’s back with a film that’s breathtakingly stylish, refreshingly unscrupulous, wonderfully surreal, full of surprises and possesses a fantastic soundtrack.  Death on Scenic Drive is a film here to delight you. Terrify and delight you.

Text: Afsaneh Larsson

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