Keiko is a young aspiring chef tutored in the restaurant of her father. Besides the arts of sushi making, hard labour and martial arts are both important parts of the curriculum. But Keiko embarrasses herself and runs away to start working as a simple waitress at an inn. One night, the inn is visited by important guests. Sushi is served all around, but to Keikos surprise, it’s bad sushi! Things are put to the edge as an old bum outside the inn is abused and taunted into sending his genetically engineered squid to revenge him. One after one the sushi served at the inn is brought to life, vicious and bloodthirsty.

Director Noboru Igushi, the genius behind previous LIFFF titles like Mutant Girl Squad and RoboGeisha, serves us yet another delicious martial arts splatter comedy, with sidekicks like Jiji Bû (Tokyo Gore Police, Vampire Girl VS Frankenstein Girl) and Japanese porn actress Asami (The Machine Girl, RoboGeisha, Mutant Girl Squad).

Malin Svensson

(The screening is co-presented by Office Walker)

Short film: Antoine and the Heroes
Antoine gets into a real problem when two films have their only screenings at the same time, both starring his favorite actors. His solution leads to an entertaining catastrophe. At least for us.
Directed by: Patrick Bagot

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