Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead

It’s been hours, or maybe days, since the nazi zombies got their gold back and Martin finally drove away from the mountain, thinking he was free. But it’s not over yet.

Martin wakes up in the hospital to bad news. Since there’s no evidence of zombie interference, everyone thinks he murdered his friends and the police is just waiting to interrogate him. Then the doctor happily tells him they found his arm and managed to sew it back on, even though the arm wasn’t exactly in prime condition… And, well, we don’t want to spoil it for you, but the zombies aren’t really dead and buried yet.

Tommy Wirkola jumps straight back in the zombie saddle (or maybe tank) to take out all his built up aggression toward a small Norwegian town, where we can only assume some women with babies, and kids in sand boxes, were very mean to him at some point in his life. Demolishing not only houses and people, but going above and beyond the tropes and taboos that most zombie movies, believe it or not, still hold on to, Wirkola has made a sequel that may actually be better, funnier and more gross than the original.

The short film Dring of the dead is screened before the feature.

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