Dead Shack

Jason joins his best friend Colin and his family for a relaxing (haha) weekend in a remote cabin in the woods that they found on Craigslist. Their company is Colin’s sister whom Jason is bashfully in love with and their father and his somewhat alcoholic girlfriend. For the three teenagers, relaxing means boring and they are understandably not that keen on having a ‘relaxing weekend’ in the middle of nowhere with two drunk adults. They may not know that ‘boring’ would be heaven compared to the blood-borne hell that the future has in store for them…

Canadian Dead Shack is a truly wonderful, bloody and action-packed horror comedy with a lot of darkness, intestines, neighboring deluxe, flesh eating creatures, heroic kids and worthless adults. Peter Ricq has created an amazingly entertaining, smart, touching and exhilarating ride. Dead Shack is a mix between Goonies, Braindead, Stranger Things and the best of the history of the undead, which has charmed audiences at festivals all over the world – now it’s finally your turn!

Text: Afsaneh Larsson

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