Dark Touch


Darkness. Fire. Things moving, seemingly on their own, and in the middle of it all: the children.

When Niamh’s family dies in a strange accident in their home, their friends take her in as foster child. They try to give her the comfort she needs, but this turns out to be difficult . Niamh is unable to handle tenderness and sinister things keep happening around her. It appears that much was seriously wrong in Niamh’s family – and, furthermore, that there is something very strange and dangerous about Niamh herself. Her foster parents struggle to ensure the safety of their own children while keeping their resolve to take care of Niamh.

Marina de Van has created a film that in every way is captivating and beautiful and horrible. As much as it is a chilling, creepy horror movie, it is a visually striking film of tragic inevitability and the subtle revenge that is cause and effect – as well as a horrific reminder that children learn by example.

Text: Celeste Sjölin

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