Crone Wood

Found footage might be one of the toughest sub-genre to renew and bring originality into, which is why we are so happy to have this gem in our program. Lucky for all of us Mark Sheridan debut feature Crone Wood, shows us how found footage can be used to bring a great twist to a story, with more than breaking twigs.

Crone Wood bring us into the Irish forest together with two young people, Danny and Hailey, who just met the night before. They have decided to go camping and investigate the folk story of an old witch coven that allegedly used to live in the forest. However, they soon realize they are being followed and things take a turn for the worse.

This Irish horror is a smart film, that plays with society’s normative conception of gender roles and gets its inspiration from films like Blair Witch Project, The Wicker Man and Kill List. Hopefully you will be as pleasantly surprised as we did.

Text: Maritte Sørensen

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