Kids can really be such small monsters. In a film
written by Ian Brennan (Glee) and Leigh Whannell
(the Saw and Insidious films) you should expect
that to be taken literally.

Elijah Wood plays Clint, a substitute teacher who
experiences an exceptionally bad first day at work.
Not only would he much rather stay home to work
on his novel about a demon possessed boat, the
kids he is teaching are disinterested in learning and
the teaching staff are, to put it mildly, disinterested
in teaching. But that pales when the students first
begin acting strange, then begin to gnaw on each
other’s brains.

Cooties is an irreverent, dark zomcom which shows
complete disregard for the taboo which prescribes
that your protagonist should not kill children. And
definitely not in an entertaining, creative way. And
definitely not an entire elementary school of them.
Not even if they, technically, are no longer children,
but infected with a chicken nugget-based virus that
has turned them into mini-zombies with a thirst for
something completely different than learning.

Joakim Sten

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