Cold Sweat

Everything used to be so much better. Young people don’t
understannd the importance of knowledge; a matter such as
correct writing is a joke to them. They don’t know how lucky
they are. Until one day, when it all blows up in their faces.
Ramón’s girlfriend suddenly leaves him for a blonde guy she
met on the Internet. She sends him an explanatory e-mail but
that’s not enough for Ramón. He and his friend Ali drive to the
blonde guy’s house, where she has made a date with him. After
a while, when Ali doesn’t come back out, Ramón goes in to
A very special and entertaining torture film about two old men
who, with somewhat unclear motives, collect young people
and pour nitroglycerin on them so they can’t move without the
risk of blowing up. Apart from explosions and the obligatory
boobs, this sweat-dripping chiller also contains zombies and
the slowest, most hilarious hunt scene ever – the hunter being
an old man with a walker!

Celeste Sjölin

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