His website reads “I make budget films on the breakfast table. Claymations, stopmotion animations and that sort of thing.” But the short stories animated by Lee Hardcastle wouldn’t be appropriate for any breakfast at all.

Taking those cult movies we all love so dearly, Hardcastle creates parodies as shapely as clay can be made. Since 2010, his website has been filling up with these 60 second shorts including horror classics like Evil Dead and current LIFFF title The Raid.

But not all are delighted by Hardcastle´s gory remakes. After posting Thingu, a mashup of the kid´s animation Pingu and John Carpenters The Thing, Hardcastle faced a major media uprising and the video was taken down. Shortly thereafter, a remake was done with the same script and props but with cat figures, in the project named Clay Cats. Hardcastle would not give in. Which is why LIFFF in this year´s program proudly can present to you a package of Hardcastle´s best animated horror parodies.

Malin Svensson

Attending guest: Lee Hardcastle

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