Love is a powerful thing, but what it makes us do, even more so. During a holiday in Romania with his girlfriend Livia, Alex gets hit by a car. His recuperation is slow and painful until he one morning experiences a burning sensation whilst stood in the breaking sunlight.

Alex questions the blood transfusions he received in the Romanian hospital and his sanity is put to the test when the reflection in the mirror starts looking more like a vampire than himself. His everyday life becomes a psychological torment, which also strains his relationship to Livia. After overcoming her skepticism Livia accepts that Alex now has to live an alternative lifestyle… that’s when their world comes crashing down!

Partially nonlinear storytelling, effects by David Scherer and an emotional drama at the core make Oliver Beguin’s feature debut, Chimères, a splendid entry on the contemporary vampire scene. Cult-legend Catriona MacColl stars as Alex mother, and watch out for a
Ruggero Deodato cameo.

Text: Jason Meredith

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