To mention the name Neil Marshall should be enough to draw the FFF audience in hungry hordes. He is after all the man that brought us Dog Soldiers and The Decent, two brilliant claustrophobic films that really kept the viewers tied to their seats.

Centurion is no exception. A Roman legion is attacked by a group of raging Picts during the roman occupation of the British Isles at the beginning of the 11th century. The legion is obliterated and the last seven survivors must try and return to safety from the depths of enemy territory. They are forced to cross Scottish highlands with obscure valleys and desert moors portrayed in a very suggestive and haunted way, as if the country itself wants to devour the soldiers into oblivion. 

What could have been an action packed disaster, in the likes of The Last Legion, becomes a bloody and an unpleasantly pent up tale of survival thanks to Marshall’s direction and its talented lead, Michael Fassbender. Centurion is intense, hard and engaging and has more in common with Deliverance than with King Arthur.

The film stars Michael Fassbender, from  300, who will also play Magneto in the forthcoming X-Men: First Class, as well as Dominic West who played McNulty in the TV series ‘The Wire’.

Joakim Sten

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