The year is 2267. The earth is finally uninhabitable after years of environmental destruction and the majority of human kind lives in giant space stations. Many dream of visiting the paradise planet Rhea. A dream unreachable for most as it takes a long and very expensive journey.

Dr. Laura Palmer is one of these dreamers and to save up for the trip to reunite with her sister, she takes a job on a cargo freighter. After a long journey the crew wakes up from their hyper sleep and soon discovers that something is not right in the cargo area…

Directors Ivan Engler and Ralph Etter have created the first Swiss Sci-fi film with Cargo. And what a film it is! In spite a very modest budget, they have created a fantastic beautiful, loaded and well made film. Cargo may have a few similarities with other gems in the genre, such as Sunshine, Solaris, Event Horizon, and others but the film holds its own and succeeds to intertwine the social issues of today with great Sci-fi storytelling.  The film can be compared to director Duncan Jones’ film Moon from 2009, in which he created a great cinematic experience on a low budget. Engler and Etter are on the same track!

Johan Barrander

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