Bushido Man


”Get to know your opponent through what he eats.” This is the teaching of Master Gensai. Back from one year’s pilgrimage throughout Japan, the time has come for Toramaru to show that he has honored that discipline during his adventures. He has faced seven different enemies, all martial experts with their own unique weapon skills, but not before eating his way through their favorite menus at local restaurants.

There is a correlation between egg noodles, fried rice and chicken on the one hand, and dagger, sword and nunchuks on the other. These are the teachings of Master Gensai – but Toramaru will not have mastered them until he has overcome one final challenge…

Delicious fights and exquisitely choreographed food in a profoundly original homage to its genre; awaits you. If you have to pick just one unique, subtle and humoristic kung-fu movie this year,  make it Bushido Man. Just make sure not to watch it on an empty stomach.

Text: Jake Bolin

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