Bunraku – Malmö visning

Bunraku borrows its name from traditional Japanese puppet
theatre and is part samurai film and part western. Bunraku
circles around Nicola the Woodcutter, a powerful and cruel
crime boss. At his side is a femme fatale with a secret past,
nine apt assassins and the so-called Red Gang. Nicola’s right
hand man is Killer #2 a stone cold, smooth-talking murderer
dressed in red. The citizens live in fear, awaiting a hero who can
overthrow the tyrant.
Two drifters arrive, both with their own motive to find Nicola.
With destiny’s intertwined the two eventually join forces to
bring down the corrupt and tyranny of Nicola. Bunraku is a
film that has it all – Josh Hartnett, Ron Perlman, hot chicks,
explosions, swords, amazing fight sequences and more. Don’t
miss it!

Christian Hallman

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  1. Just what I was searching for, appreciate it
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