Last year Marc Senter starred in our Méliès competition winner
Red, White & Blue. This year he’s back with Brawler, another
hardnosed, hard hitting drama from the American south.
Taking its cue from true events, Brawler follows two brothers
competing in an underground circuit of illicit New Orleans
riverboat brawls, struggling to survive their opponents, the
crime boss they work for, and ultimately, each other.
The film is a very southern one and it uses its Big Easy setting
to full effect, just like David Simons Treme it captures the feel of
the city perfectly. Actors Senter and Grubbs are captivating as
the two brothers, both inside and outside of the ring, and Pell
James turns in a great performance as the woman who comes
between them.
The real star of the film though, is Zoran Popovic’s cinematography.
Especially in the gritty and brilliantly thought out fight
scenes and the low key but tension filled scenes outside of the
ring. Brawler is Americana at its finest.

Johan Barrander

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