Had this been a conventional horror-movie the married upper class couple would probably never opened their home to the raggedy, bearded man asking to come in and have a bath. But Borgman is no conventional horror-movie, nor is it your run-of-the-mill thriller. In fact, the only thing more difficult than assigning this Dutch film to a given genre might be guessing what will happen next. As a rule of thumb though, its going to be very pleasant.

Combining such elements as unsympathetic married men and well-dressed supernatural vagrants with Danish au-pairs and sudden outbursts of violence, Alex van Warmerdam delivers an ambiguous and stylish tale filled with anxiety in highly luxurious surroundings.

If you are looking for something familiar, it’s best you move on. If you wish to savor a unique and completely unpredictable movie experience however, then by all means, open your door to Borgman.

He just wants to come in and have a bath.

Text: Jake Bolin

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