Black Death

The Middle Ages was a horrid time. That is, at least, my understanding from all the films I have seen that reflect on that period of superstition, darkness and sudden death. The most evil of all was the Black Death.

When director Christopher Smith takes on to depict this time, he spares none of its cruelty. The man behind such FFF classics as Severance and last year’s Triangle, offers an entertaining journey of torture, romance and of course, splatter.

The year is 1348 and it is in the midst of the first big plague outbreak. A lonely little town in the English countryside is said to be immune against the disease. As was common in the church ruling Middle Ages this is believed to be the works of a dark force. A group of knights, led by Sean Bean from The lord of The Rings, and along with a young monk played by newcomer Eddie Redmayne, are given the task to investigate. The collision that takes place when the knights enter the town and Christianity is faced against Paganism will leave no splatter fan disappointed and Smith doesn’t let it slip anyone’s mind that it was the cruelest of ages.

Joakim Sten

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