Breathtaking insect mutation straight down a monstrous spiral of darkness, outrageously well-made icky and sticky stuff, peerless craftsmanship on the department of practical special effects and a reputation of being responsible for several people vomiting at the genre film festival Fantasia. Now, does not that sound like a delight?

Just before Casey is about to have the dubious pleasure of marrying her fiancé Jared she and her friends go on a bachelorette trip to a paradise island where the sun is raying and the drinks are flowing. On her way home Casey finds herself with both memory gaps, a mysterious and obstinate insect bite and very cold feet. Before she has the time to call off the wedding the unidentified bug bite evolves into something that calls off the wedding for her. Something that turns Casey’s apartment into a grotesque insect nest and Casey herself into a very hungry, very vile cold-blooded creature.

Chad Archibald offers something of a modern version of David Cronenberg’s The Fly with a refreshingly disgusting Elma Begovic as Casey and I say it again, peerless craftsmanship on the department of practical special effects. It is actually thoroughly delightful.

Afsaneh Larsson

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