Big Bad Wolves


A rowdy macho cop, a vigilante father of a murdered girl, an elementary school teacher whom everybody suspects is the most brutal serial killer in recent history. After a game of cat-and-mouse with more plot-turns than a season finale of Falcon Crest, lock the whole gang in a soundproof basement and let them work out their differences. Add more plot-turns.

Hard-boiled and absurd, this Israeli thriller resembles in tone that successful breed of dark crime-comedies that Danish cinema made famous in the late nineties, with films such as In China They Eat Dogs and Flickering Lights. But with more torture scenes. And fewer laughs. And Lior Ashkenazi in a leading role, superstar in Israel but to foreign viewers perhaps most familiar as a traumatized war-pilot in Be Tipul, the series that HBO later adapted as In Treatment.

There just might be cause for some treatment here too, when all is said and done. Assuming any of the big bad wolves makes it out alive, of course.

Text: Jake Bolin

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