Only rarely do you get the chance to see a film that is both
entirely unique and heartbreakingly familiar. Into the
wasteland that is the American film industry, today relying
mostly on the recycling of tried and tested concepts, Evan
Glodell comes driving. His ride is named “Mother Medusa”
and from her trunk he sends stacks of fire roaring into the
air. Glodell has built the flamethrowers himself. He has built
the car himself. And he has built the camera with which he is
filming it all himself.
Bellflower was one of the most exciting names coming out of
Sundance. It centres on two friends moving to the end of the
world, California. To pass the time they build flamethrowers
and prepare for the post apocalypse. When one of them ends
up in a doomed relationship, everything breaks apart and
bursts out into waves of revenge and death, receding in an
epitaph for a generation on the verge of desolation. A feature
debut that defies convention.

Joakim Sten

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