Kidspack: Tim & Leon + short film package

Tim and Leon are two brothers living a happy life
as pancake sellers, working, eating, playing and
sleeping. One day Tim’s secret admirer, Pauline,
shows up. Pauline has travelled around the world
and she turns the brothers’ lives up side down.
Tim’s not ready for a relationship and Leon starts
sleepwalking, so Pauline decides to leave them.
After a while she gets in touch and invites the
brothers to her travels, which turn out to be quite
an adventure.

Viktor Rauer

Regi Tatiana Poliektova, Filippo Rivetti Land Ryssland,
Australien År 2014 Längd 2 min 30 sek
A group of small, peculiar creatures in the woods
have come up with a new invention. They use small
mirrors to create a cinema. But could this invention
make them forget about the real world?

Regi Sofia Wang, JoAnn Kang Land USA År 2015
Längd 3 min 31 sek
An animated film about a boy who is not impressed
by the magic show which he is attending. This
disturbs the magician and the boy is finally included
in one of his tricks.


Regi Emma McCann Land Frankrike/
Storbritannien År 2014 Längd 8 min 16 sek
It’s winter and Bruce is clearing the snow along
the roads, but unknowingly while doing his job, he
will make himself a real enemy. And it will take its
revenge very soon…


Regi Leevi Lemmetty Land Finland, Irland År 2015
Längd 6 min 30 sek
Do you like Pingu? Then this is a film for you. A film
about what happens when penguins from town
come to teach the fishing penguins how they can
make everything more efficient.

Regi Snobar Avani, Peter Hausner Land Danmark År
2014 Längd 6 min 31 sek
Three fools are roaming around to find a place to
settle down. One of them parts from the others
which seems to be foolish for real, but when you
see what they are up to, who is then the fool?

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