A single mother is desperately trying to manage her increasingly violent and monster fearing son while she´s still struggling to face the loss of her husband who passed away in an accident seven years ago. Suddenly one day, a children’s pop-up picture book appears in her son’s room. “Mister Babadook”.They begin to read it, but when they realize that the content of the book isn’t suitable for children, or for anyone at all, it is already too late.

Something starts to bang the door, ever more inexplicable things happen, and they’re soon surrounded by a dreadfully alienating darkness. Babadook has entered and this year’s undoubtedly creepiest movie creature will not be thrown out just like that.

With striking production design, powerful acting performances and heartbreaking symbolism, this naturalistic dysfunctional family drama is intertwined with a terror which very few horror movies possess.  In Jennifer Kent’s astonishing debut, the superficial jump scares are replaced with a fear that shakes you all the way into your heart, causes cold shivers to run amok along your spine and finally completely blows you away.


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