Cristian and July are initially hardly overjoyed at the prospect of
going to the vacation home in Sitges together with their parents
and little brother. But when they hear of the legend of the ghost
girl haunting the woods in the area, Cristian especially seizes
on the opportunity to document the legend with his video
camera, and perhaps even capturing something extraordinary
on film. The very first day at the vacation house, behind a
locked gate, Cristian and his sister discover a vast overgrown
hedge maze. The police found a total of 37 hours of raw camera
footage after the atrocities of April 2010, which have been
edited to 80 minutes, documenting the last five days of their
Atrocious is a solid and well written hand-held camera horror
film. It is thus somewhat reminiscent of films such as The Blair
Witch Project and Rec. The film has previously been screened at
the Sitges, Slamdance and Calgary film festivals, among others

Maximillian Lestander

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