Asura Girl

17 years have passed since the now cult classic anime Blood: The Last Vampire had its premiere, and during those years, the story about the demon hunting vampire named Saya has given rise to a huge number of sequels, prequels and spin-offs. In 2002 the adventures of Saya continued in a manga adaption, followed an anime spin-off series in 2005 named Blood+ and another named Blood-C in 2011.

The Blood-universe has been expanded even further through literary novels, video games and live action movies. This year Asura Girl continues the descent into the lore in a live action prequel set in WWII Japan, where the countryside is being oppressed by the violent and sadistic militant invaders. It does not take long before it becomes evident that supernatural forces are involved in the feud, and in regular Blood spirit the solutions to the conflict are far from peaceful. Asura Girl brings the Blood and anime fans exacly what one can expect from the visceral adventures which have had them hooked for almost two decades.

Text: Jacob Habinc

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  1. Roliga Saker says:

    Mins att jag tittade på animen när jag var mindre, fuck i´m old X´D

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