Ash vs the Evil Dead

Ash is back! The hero from the cult film Evil Dead
may be old and tired, but his chainsaw isn’t. The
horror comedy of the fall, from Starz, premieres
during Halloween.

In the 80s, childhood friends Sam Raimi and Bruce
Campbell created the low-budget film Evil Dead,
where Raimi directed and Campbell as the monster
fighter Ash. The film became an unexpected success,
shown in Cannes and praised by Stephen King.
Now it’s time for the comic spin-off Ash vs Evil Dead,
where our hero Ash (Campbell) is middle-aged,
though not matured. He’s still a ladies’ man and
he doesn’t hesitate to pick up his chainsaw. Ruby
(Lucy Lawless) is convinced that Ash is guilty of
the massacre that changed the life of her family.
Together with his friends Pablo (Ray Santiago) and
Kelly (Dana DeLorenzo) he fights Ruby. Sam Raimi
has written and directed.

Swedish fans have the chance to watch the pilot on
film screen a few hours before it premieres in the US,
in an exclusive sneak preview at LIFFF at midnight
on Halloween, October 31th. The episode is available
on C More on November 1st.

Viktor Rauer

(Tickets are free, just pick them up at our ticket office at Stadshallen)

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