“Long Live the New Flesh!” The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The son of David Cronenberg (Videodrome, The Fly) – one of our time’s most provocative directors – Brandon has taken daddy’s fascination with techno surrealism and body horror to the limit in his debut feature.

In a near future, body ideals have taken on new, grotesque forms. Now, people not only want to look like celebrities – they want to be one with them, via their diseases and their flesh. Imagine getting Kate Moss’s herpes. Or having a steak produced using her cells. In Antiviral, this fetishism is a big part of Syd’s life. Every day, people come to his office to be injected with celebrity viruses. But Syd’s had enough. He produces an illegal virus, using himself as guinea pig.

Antiviral was one of 2012′s Cannes favourites, the queue stretching out like a long snake along the Croisette. Now, it’s screened for the first time in northern Europe, right here in Lund!

Lars Diurlin

(The screening is co-presented by TF1 International)

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