Another Earth

A seemingly identical copy of Earth appears on our horizon.
On the eve of this appearance the lives of a man and a young
woman are changed forever. Rhoda Williams, a young student
with a promising future, drives her car even though she’s
drunk, to have a look at this copy of our earth. While doing this
she accidentally crashes into John’s car, killing his pregnant
wife and son. An action which destroys both John’s life and her
own. Four years later Rhoda dreams of travelling to Earth 2,
and of seeing that planet’s version of herself. Haunted by what
she has done she also goes looking for John.
At this year’s Sundance festival this indie gem received both
The Special Jury Prize and the sci-fi award Alfred P. Sloan
Feature Film Prize. Another Earth manages to create a bittersweet
mood set to the hauntingly beautiful tones of “Fall
on your sword”. A film that stays with you long after the end
credits. It’s a classic in the making that you don’t want to miss.

Kajsa Albertsdottir

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  1. Joakim says:

    Denna hade ingen grene-angivelse, höll på att missa när jag sökte ut Sci-Fi-filmerna. Låter bra dock!

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