Among the Living

All good things come in threes,  and the same goes for the dreadful ones. The French LIFFF favorites Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury, whose first two films Inside and Livid have been highly influential in the new wave of French horror, are back with the third installment of their dark midnight trilogy.

This time around, they’re channeling memories from classic 80′s American horror films by having three fourteen year old boys explore an abandoned film studio lot. When the boys suddenly hear a woman’s tormented scream, they realize that the area wasn’t deserted after all. Running back home, they wish for it all to be over. But when the lights go out in the boys’ rooms, the nightmare has just begun.

Among The Living has been called a cross between Stand By Me and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a lesson in evocative horror film imagery that finds just the right balance between new creative scares and good old 80′s nostalgia.

The Short film Dip n’ dance is screened before the feature.


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