Excentric 80′s fashion is forever linked with creepy killers and squealing teens. This connection is the starting point for scream queen Danielle Harris’ (who was last seen by the LIFFF audience in last year’s Stake Land), directing debut. An 80′s inspired dinner among friends turns into a brutal dance of death when one friend decides to force the group’s secrets out in the open. How far will some go to clear the air, and how much would you be ready to sacrifice in order to keep your secrets? Your hair? Your fingers? Someone else’s life?

Produced by Athena Lobit and Jennifer Blanc-Biehn and written by Alyssa Lobit, Among Friends is a love letter to the horror genre, as well as a film seemingly obsessed with twisting every cliché an extra knot. A real group of friends have come together to give the audience a chocking and entertaining genre defyer about questionable friendship, dressed in 80′s getup, high on guilt and drenched in blood.

Joakim Sten

Attending guests: Danielle Harris & Alyssa Lobit

(The screening is co-presented by Aspect Film)

Short film: Decapoda Shock
A man returns home from a space travel, with some minor bodily alterations. At home he discovers that things have happened that he strongly feels he needs to avenge. But who can he really trust?
Directed by: Javier Chillon

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