Kathrine and Thomas look like any other couple when they disembark on a desolate island retreat to work on their novels. Yet it doesn’t take long before Thomas starts exhibiting psychopathic traits. Surrounded by water, Kathrine has only herself to rely on to fend off Thomas’ violent fits of anger. One of these confrontations culminates in Thomas getting knocked out. When he comes to, Kathrine realizes that Thomas has no memory of who he is or what he is doing on the island.

What follows is a pas de deux of psychological gamesmanship where Kathrine has to carefully reconstruct her relationship with her boyfriend until she gets a chance to leave the island. Soon enough, she realizes that Thomas dangerous tendencies remain intact, even though he has no memory of what triggered his aggressions.

Nini Bull Robsahm skillfully uses a single location and two actors to create and suspend tension.  The result is a tense, taut thriller about evil that turns up in most unexpected places.



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