Alien vs. Ninja

What would Fantastic Film Festival be without the crazy and inspired Japanese cinematic experience from the creators of such classic films as Tokyo Gore Police and Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl?!  This year FFFs audience can enjoy not one, but three great films from the same filmmakers.

First in line is Sejji Chibas (Death Trance) Alien vs. Ninja. How can one go wrong with a title like that? Or how about the tagline; ‘If it bleeds, ninjas can kill it!’

In this hysterical mixture of science-fiction and Middle Ages Japan we follow Yamata and his ninja friends in the Iga clan’s battle against the blood thirsty space creatures. The monsters assumed that Japan would be a buffet of human flesh but they weren’t counting on the fearless and powerful ninjas. Their swords and throwing stars are no match for the alien beasts, but a ninja always has a trick up his sleeve.

This is no Citizen Kane we are talking about here, but if you want 85 minutes of pure messy fun then this is the film for you, a wet and latex filled ninja action extravaganza!

Johan Barrander

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