We rarely get to see an Indian film that is more than manic Bollywood-musical or hack gangster flick. If only for that reason, it is fantastic that we can screen Shalini Usha Nair’s debute feature, a stilistic and suggestive psycho-thriller with its roots in Indian mythology and modernity alike.

Srinivas, a young, successfull achitect, is disfigured after a car crash. Shortly thereafter, his girlfriend leaves him and he sinks into a pit of self contempt. He meets Ragini, a strong, beautiful woman from the countryside, but after they get married, Srinivas begins to suspect that she may be a yakshi, a demon that feasts on the blood of her men.

Is this a modern folktale of how West-fixated India is pulled back into the older folk-tradition, or is it a relationship gone bad, where insecurites shape the indentities of both men and women after old myths? Whatever the case, Akam opens up India in a way never before seen in a genre film.

Joakim Sten

Attending guest: Shalini Usha Nair

(The screening is co-presented by Hyperbole Films)

Short film: How to Raise the Moon
Among other things we are introduced to the secrets of how you might raise the moon. We meet sleep (fox) and death (bunny) and every-thing is mystic, dreamlike and beautiful, like the moon itself.
Directed by: Anja Struck

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