A Field in England


At the most, each year brings but a handful of films which really go off of the beaten track, and are bold on the verge of recklessness. With Kill List and Sightseers, Ben Wheatley has begun to carve out his name in the European genre scene. With his latest feature, he’s dug a whole new kind of grave. A Field in England will most likely be among the most fantastic films to hit Swedish silver screens this year.

To describe the plot won’t do the film justice. It’s more of a state of mind, staggering between fear and curiosity, a visually intense, psychedelic stroll in the borderlands that separate myth from reality set in the times of the English Civil War. Without  ever crossing over to pastiche, Wheatley’s film is a nod to British 60’s horror and European art house that manages to seize the truly amazing and mysterious in the same single motion. And letting Reece Shearsmith (The  League of Gentlemen) play out his entire register while high on ‘shrooms is just icing on the cake.

Text: Joakim Sten

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