22 Mei

In his second film Koen Mortier (Ex-Drummer) explores
difficult and tragically topical subjects; love, loneliness, sorrow,
guilt and terrorism.The lonely middle aged Sam works as a
security guard at a mall. We get to follow him on what was
supposed to be just another day on the job, one that suddenly
turnes into a nightmare. A young man detonates a bomb in the
mall, Sam survives and does everything in his power to save as
many people as he can, but he collapses and has to stop. He is
soon haunted by the people he couldn’t save, they want to tell
their stories and want to know why they were killed. Sam, torn
apart by guilt, is left to find the answers.
22 Mei is an important and exceptionally well-made film that
tackles very difficult subjects. Mortier has created an almost
hypnotic meditation about death and terror that shakes you
to your core, but also speaks about the importance of love and
making the most out of life.

Johan Barrander

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  1. The Dream Book says:

    The short film “The Dream Book” will be screened before “22 Mei”./Kortfilmen “The Dream Book” kommer att visas före “22 Mei”.
    Here is a clip:

    Imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1707683/

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