The fact that room 205 has been uninhabited for over a year doesn’t much bother Katrin when she moves into the student dorm. She is finally free from home and her overprotective father. As the semester has just started, the most important things are to go to lectures and meet new people. Following her being somewhat careless with her medication, strange things start happening. Katrin finds out that the girl who previously lived in room 205 suddenly left and mysteriously disappeared. Katrin grows ever more convinced that terrible things happened to the room’s previous inhabitant and that her ghost is looking for revenge.

205 – Room of Fear is sometimes reminiscent of movies like Nakatas Ringu and Argento’s Suspiria. Jennifer Ulrich makes is brilliant in the lead role and has in the past starred in The Wave and We are the Night. The film is a remake of the Danish horror film College.

Maximillian Lestander

Attending guest: Jennifer Ulrich

(The screening is co-presented by Red Arrow International)
Short film: Saw Misgivings
What would you do if you came home to your wife and found that she had a strange metal device on her head? Would you start investigating it or call for help? What the man in this comedy does is almost obvious.
Directed by: David Lilley

(Saw Misgivings has the oppurtunity to win a Méliès d’Argent for best short film)

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