Thursday: Horror! Horror! Horror?!

When I first started going to FFF, it was to watch horror at the cinema, and not just the lowest common denominator stuff that was screened commercially. If you’re like me, then you’ve got a great Thursday ahead of you!

First up is a film that takes a shot at the notoriously difficult subgenre of found footage, but avoids the strangely prevalent pitfall that realismism means that the protagonists are shits. Of course the audience is also treated to the good part of found footage, creepy stuff and immersion!

Crone Wood screens at 19.00

The role of the short film in modern horror should not be underestimated. Saw, for instance, started out as a short disturbing fantasy. The intense emotionality of horror fits superbly into the short format and the nightmares unsuited for a full feature gets to be told without disruptive context.

The Short film package screens at 21.00

1980s retro is more popular than ever. The last film of the evening is not set in the 80s, but the ethos of that decade runs through the production. Horror comedy should be seen in the cinema and preferably at midnight, and that is exactly what’s on offer!

Dead Shack is screened 23.00

Each evening festival director Johan Barrander talks about his time at the festival and discuss fantastic film with interesting people. Note that the talk show is before the last screening.

Johan’s talkshow Goodbye and goodnight is held at 22.45 at SF.

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