Blood-C! New York Underground!

Blood: the last vampire was one of the movies that made me realize that a story could be told by merit of images and action alone. The iconic struggle between a cool antihero and shinto demons speaks to us in the most direct way and I’m psyched to see the lastest part of the strange franchise that Blood has become. Asura Girl is screened at 19.

Later in the evening we will dive into a world of punk aestethics and the celebration of wierdness that in some sense is the very heart of genre film. Scumbag is screened at 21.

You haven’t missed that festival director Johan ends his decennial commitment with a talkshow every night after the last movie, right? Tonight we’ve been promised an interview with Scumbag’s director Mars Roberge and lead actress Debra Haden, plus anecdotes from Johans long history with the festival! Don’t miss it!

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