George A. Romero Q&A


Your chance to meet George A. Romero and hear him talk about his career. He might even answer your question! It is not possible to buy tickets online for the Q&A, only at the ticket office, and remember that the tickets for Martin and Night of The Living Dead gives you admission to the Q&A for free. So save the ticketstubs  Read More

Carl Th. Dreyer’s VAMPYR

vampyr skeleton hand

An impressionist work of beauty, subdued eroticism and horror, or a spectacular debacle that led its audience to riot? Danish master Carl Theodor Dreyer is a prominent figure in European art house. Among his advocates we find Bergman and von Trier. Vampyr was long considered Dreyer’s weak link, as his contemporaries did not have the patience for quiet half-silent films. The year was 1932, shortly after Frankenstein and Dracula. Dreyer makes his images obscure, envelopes... Read More



His website reads “I make budget films on the breakfast table. Claymations, stopmotion animations and that sort of thing.” But the short stories animated by Lee Hardcastle wouldn’t be appropriate for any breakfast at all. Taking those cult movies we all love so dearly, Hardcastle creates parodies as shapely as clay can be made. Since 2010, his website has been filling up with these 60 second shorts including horror classics like Evil Dead and current LIFFF title... Read More


Most people get tired of living the single life after a few years. Imagine doing it for a few centuries, and not being able to look in a mirror even once. Goody (Alicia Silverstone) and Stacy (Krysten Ritter) are best friends and roomies. They’re also vampires, but they try not to let that get in the way of leading perfectly good, non-murderous lives. Meanwhile, their stem (or sire), played by the stunning Sigourney Weaver, is in town, stirring up trouble. That’s when... Read More


There had been ghosts and witches, German expressionism and giant apes, mutated grasshoppers and mad scientists and mysterious murderers. And then, then came Night of the Living Dead! Even though the word zombie is never mentioned in the film, that was the moment when the undead awoke for real and invaded modern horror cinema. With a tiny budget and little equipment, George A. Romero created his feature debut, the result being equal parts his breakthrough, a middle finger... Read More


Martin is a troubled young man with a dark secret: He kills people and drinks their blood. Martin has been sent away to live with an elderly relative in a small town in Pennsylvania. The relative is determined to try to destroy his body and save his soul in order to break the family curse. But is Martin truly a supernatural being, an 84-year-old vampire, or just a shy, blood-drinking serial killer? Does magic really exist? With Martin, George A. Romero succeeds in creating... Read More