Last Girl Standing


Time after time we have seen her get away, as the lone brave survivor of the most unthinkable attacks, monsters, psychopaths and misunderstood men in hockey masks. The final girl, she with unforeseen amount of strength, who when push comes to shove is the only one who knows how to fight the enemy. But what happens after the asshat is eliminated and the credits have rolled? How will she ever return to a normal life? Benjamin R. Moody’s feature film debut centers on Camyrn, the... Read More

Short film package 4


Bio Signal The static that can be seen on a television screen when there is no broadcast is often called “war of the ants” in Sweden. In this animation we get an alternative interpretation. Directed by: Evelien Lohbeck   Ephemeral Alicia dreams of becoming a ballet dancer, and travels to town with her grandmother for an audition. Soon, Alicia will discover that the world isn’t as beautiful as she thinks. Directed by: Diego Modino   Exit A woman wakes up on a stretcher.... Read More

Short film package 3


Bad Penny Two thugs in need of money are walking in a park late one night to find a costumer to do business with, or rather a victim to mug as we non-criminals would put it. They find a mysterious, quiet man who will not be an easy target. Directed by: Andrei Cretulescu   Bewitched When couples grow old, it’s all a wait to see who dies first. And sometimes you can hurry it up. Gingerbreads are effective, we’ve heard. Directed by: Manuel Pureza   Happy B-Day It’s... Read More

Short film package 2


Across the Street In the building across the street, a man finds out his wife is unfaithful, someone breaks into the apartments, a girl is about to suffocate and a lady can’t get the cat out without meeting any neighbors. Directed by: Ludvig Hedlund   Castidermia You should never pick on a half crazy taxidermist even if he’s ogling the girls in the neighborhood, this is something that a couple of youngsters learn the hard way. Directed by: XavI Garriga, Marc Marc   Daimi Daimi,... Read More

Short film package 1


Betty’s Blues A young guitarist enters the stage at a bar and plays a song that takes place in New Orleans. It’s about love, revenge, and racism. The film features a mix of animation techniques and blues music. Directed by: Rémi Vandenitte   Bizness Paid ”protection” is no pretty thing. This is what Tom experiences while biking to work on the first day after having moved to a new area with his family. He realizes someone has tampered with his expensive bike. Directed... Read More

Zero Charisma


The overweight and ill-tempered Scott may have the fashion sense of a washed-up roadie for Metallica and absolutely no plans regarding his future whatsoever – but as Game Master he reigns supreme. Girls, a career, fresh air, all these abstracts remain unimportant when Scott coaches and bullies his equally geeky friends on the battlefields of the “Dungeon & Dragons”-inspired board game that is his own creation. When he suddenly finds himself outmaneuvered from his own... Read More

I Declare War

I Declare War

If you can be interrogated while you’re ”dead” – are you then really dead? A bunch of 12 year olds are deeply enganged in the seemingly innocent game ”Capture the Flag”. Brace-faced kid PK Sullivan is the Napoleon of the woods and has won every war he ever fought. But when his enemy Skinner one day kidnaps one of Sullivan’s soldiers and then ”kills” his own general, everything is turned upside-down. The war of wars has started and the line between ”death”... Read More



Short film package 2 contains: Decideratum Three characters are strug-gling with the evil within themselves. A widow wants to reunite with her deceased husband, a young ballerina tries to reach her biggest dream and a lonely man starts to have feelings for a girl much too young. Directed by: Maikel Nijnhuis Wolf’s Clothing The wolf in disguise is a well known concept and here it is representated by a man at a party. He also happens to be the boss of a young woman who... Read More


Legend of the mighty soap 02

Short film package 1 contains: Legend of The Mighty Soap Ever heard of the goddesses of cleanliness and dirt? This is the fantastic tale of the epic battle between the clean and the dirty. And the legend of the mighty soap. Let the battle begin! Directed by: Andrew Bond  Untitled Three actors acquire instructions from a director through falling bricks. They start to follow the instructions and the whole thing takes unexpected turns as the actors get desperate in search of... Read More

Short films package 2

2011_Playing_with_Death_ SHOT1

Coming of Age A dystopian image of the future where we meet a boy and a girl. When they get robbed of the girls medicine the boy has to fight to get it back. He wounds up in a situation where he has to grow up fast to survive. Directed by Ben Goodger Friends of Flies A tale about a lonely boy who is in love with a girl. His only friends are flies and he dreams of becoming one himself, and achieve world domination. One day the dream shall come true, but things don’t turn out... Read More