The FP-Malmö visning

The classic story of the younger brother avenging his brother’s death is a staple of books & cinema. The latest filmmakers to tackle this subject are the Trost brothers, and they don’t just tackle it. They put it in a headlock & pummel it for good measure. On the mean streets of Frazier Park, gangs battle for turf and supremacy in the baddest way possible; Beat Beat Revolution. JTro is the younger brother of the legendary dancer BTro and together they run one of the... Read More

Bunraku – Malmö visning

Bunraku borrows its name from traditional Japanese puppet theatre and is part samurai film and part western. Bunraku circles around Nicola the Woodcutter, a powerful and cruel crime boss. At his side is a femme fatale with a secret past, nine apt assassins and the so-called Red Gang. Nicola’s right hand man is Killer #2 a stone cold, smooth-talking murderer dressed in red. The citizens live in fear, awaiting a hero who can overthrow the tyrant. Two drifters arrive, both with... Read More