Religion/supernatural: Angels, demons … and the pope!


A selection of shorts containing: Roadside Assistance Neon Strangers in the Night Eternal Harvest Portal To Hell!!! Laserpope Zero  Read More

Horror: Not for the faint hearted!


A package of short films containing: Bad Throttle Vardøger Dolls Scratch Couchsurfers Knock Knock! First Date Death Metal Curve  Read More

Religion/supernatural: Roadside Assistance


A young stranded women is standing by a distant road. A man drives by and of course gives a lift to this sexy girl. She says, with flirtatious look in her eyes, that it will be worth it. While driving there appears to be a sound coming from the trunk. It’s the man’s golf clubs making noise, he claims. Soon, things take an unexpected turn.  Read More

Horror: Bad Throttle


A man gets furious about a young man that is burning out his moped on the street every time he´s going to pick up his girlfriend. At last it gets so bad that he takes action and  gets hold of the youngster in a bit drastic way. It goes from somewhat fun to a little twisted bad and then worse. Think before you do something, you might disturb someone, and disturb the wrong person.  Read More

Horror: Vardøger


A freelance photographer who takes pictures of crime victims find that a person seems to follow him around. Images he has shot contains no sense and the camera film runs out for no reason. The mysterious person who’s been following him around seems to be somebody he knows. Cecilia Lindgren  Read More



A unique cinema screening of Rasmus Tirzitis Swedish occult detective movie. Several dead bodies have been found in Gothenburg striking fear into the city’s population. We follow Goran Lidman who will head the task of tracing the offender. Clues lead to suspicions of an occult group. The former reverend Gabriella, who has her own reasons for wanting to stop the killings, offers Lidman her help. As Lidman embarks on an involuntary collaboration he must reluctantly accept... Read More

Horror: Dolls


A girl is watching her younger brother. There is ballerina music coming from his room. Annoyed, she goes to his room to ask him to turn it down. Then she sees that he has a lot of dolls sitting around a table. “They only move when the music stops,” he says. The girl just shakes her head and asks him to turn it turn. Then the music stops.  Read More

Horror: Scratch


It’s sometime in the 1950s and a housewife is hearing scratching noise from the walls. She is taking pills to silence these horrific sounds. However, the truth about what’s hiding in the walls is about to be uncovered. Emma Bell is making her directorial debut with this film, but already has a long experience as an actress. As an example, you might have seen her in The Walking Dead.  Read More

Religion/supernatural: Neon


To fall in love is fantastic and for the most a wonderful experience but the man in this film is not happy at all. He talks in panic at phone with the women whom he has fallen in love with but she doesn’t really seem to understand the problem. But he has two bullies on his tail who already has punished another man who has fallen in love with death.  Read More

Religion/supernatural: Strangers in the Night


Damien lives with his grandmother on the Irish countryside. He will soon have an encounter with a banshee. A banshee is an Irish mythological creature, who is a messenger of death. She will come for the grandmother’s soul at dawn. However, there is a way to avoid this fate if the banshee kisses a family member before this. Grandma therefore tries to pair Damien with the banshee. But Damien is no ladies man. Can he still succeed in charming her?  Read More