Sci fi – a short film package


FOR THE WANNABE SPACE AND TIME TRAVELERS. GOLDEN SHOT (ALTIN VURUS) Regi Gökalp Gönen Land Turkiet År 2015 Längd 8 min 40 sek In a mechanical world a robot is tired of waiting for the rise of the long awaited sun. Hence he builds his own sun, but like Icaros who flew to close to the sun with his home-built wings, an artificial sun has its drawbacks. _______________________________________ SWEETHEART Regi Miguel Angelo Pate Land Tyskland År 2015 Längd 27 min 5 sek Something... Read More

Arthouse – a short film package


”ARTSY” EN MASSE, FOR THE DEEP ONES. DISCO INFERNO Regi Alice Waddington Land Spanien År 2015 Längd 12 min 14 sek A weary hell minion is on a mission to rescue her boss, who has entrenched herself in a palace surrounded by a bunch of lost souls. But the Devil is not willing to return to her daily routine… _______________________________________ FERDINAND KNAPP Regi Andrea Baldini Land Frankrike År 2014 Längd 15 min A surrealistic drama about the theatre actor Ferdinand Knapp... Read More

MÉLIÈS – Uróboros, eternal return


A weird stop-motion animated film with cogwheels, glowing eye sockets, a big long-legged death spider and the inside of a human being. And it’s about the eternal life cycle also known as Ouroboros  Read More

SHORT FILMS – Chauvinist pig

Joni visits her shrink Alice when her beloved boyfriend goes missing and no one will help her. Her parents and friends all despise him and Alice doesn’t know what to make of him. This short film is screened together with High kick angels  Read More

MÉLIÈS – Mienin


Three weeks ago we received the news that shook the world. Today’s date has been imprinted in everyone’s minds. We follow M, a calm, older gentleman who observes the chaos in the world in the hours before… Part of the short film package Méliès d’argent short films.  Read More

High Kick Angels

High Kick Angels

Ah, one of those! A film that if it had been a toy, would have been the kind that looks like cheap plastic, but turns out to be made out of sturdy carbon fiber. Pretty funny carbon, at that. High Kick Angels is a film about a film called High Kick Angels. The members of the high school action movie club, who all idolize Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, decide to make their own action movie. They start recording in what seems to be an abandoned school building, but it doesn’t take... Read More



Emma has a normal and nice life with a boyfriend and good friends when she one day gets a hint that things aren’t what they seem. She starts to investigate and reacts strongly to what she finds out. This short film is screened together with A Record of sweet murder.  Read More

MÉLIÈS – Through the breaking glass


In a magical world, Alice collects mirror pieces to escape. Will she make it in time before the dark powers can reach her? This is a fantasy adventure where fiction, dreams and reality blend. Part of the short film package Méliès d’argent short films.  Read More



Our lead character gets hit by a car after a night out and his soul is retrieved by Death. In this beautifully animated film we get to follow a soul’s last glance at life before it’s time to move on. Part of the short film package Méliès d’argent short films.  Read More

Méliès d’argent short films 2014


Crème de la crème – for the snobs. A short film package containing the following films: Tin & Tina Through the breaking glass Coda Uróboros – eternal return Mienin Autumn leaves  Read More