3rd wave of titles

Another small taste before the whole line-up is revealed!


Imagine yourself alone, floating around in space in an overwhelming, bisarre landscape that no-one can truly be prepared to find themselves in. But one day, without your knowing, the world underneath you collapses. Your radio connection is gone and you have no idea of what has happened. You are left isolated, stranded in a slowly orbiting ship. How long will the life support systems last? How long will your sanity last?



An actually cool, funny indie flick about life turned upside down.


Attack The Block

A teen gang in South London is one day forced to stick together and gather everything that can serve as a weapon, yeah, even the fireworks. But the purpose is completely different from the riots that have been going on in real life in Britain. For outer space has come to pay a visit, and its monstrous population is not kindly disposed.


Der Sandman

In this modern fairy tale we get to see Sandman in a way we’ve never seen him before. In the form of an arrogant perfectionist named Benno who, according to himself, has a pretty nice life. After a night filled with strange dreams about Sandra, Benno wakes up in a bed filled with sand. Sand that seems to stream from his body and that also appears to have the ability to put people to sleep.


Point Blank

Anything For Her, Fred Cavaye’s debut thriller from 2008 was a huge success and later remade in the US as The Next Three Days with Russell Crowe as the lead. Now he’s finally back with another  adrenaline pumping actionthriller.


Die Farbe

Die Farbe is an ambitious German film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s classic short story published under the same title. This serious film convincingly captures the dark ambience of the celebrated author’s original tale. A must see for all hardened Lovecraft enthusiasts, as well as anyone who likes a good horror mystery film!


Panic Button

How many times haven’t you just clicked past the terms and conditions on a web site with the thought ”what’s the worst that could happen?” We get the answer in Panic Button.


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