H. R. Giger

Hans Rudolf Giger has passed away at 74 years old, leaving an incredible impact on the field of bizarre art. He was a painter, sculpter and designer best know to fantastic film fans for his influential design of, among other things, the Xenomorph from Alien (1979), but if that is all you know about his work you need to get to google image search. Right now. Giger was the kind of person who could seamlessly make his rich inner life take physical shape and treat the grotesque with... Read More

You should watch Southland Tales

Southland Tales (2006) is a strange film. A tangled film trying to tell a story to grand for it’s two hours runtime. A post modern film racing between genres to such an degree that the same scene sometimes means two entirely diffrent things depending on viewer focus. Also, it’s my favorite film. After a nuclear attack on american, soil corporate and state interests ally to keep the people in check, in the name of national security. A neo-marxist group have a plan to... Read More

Q&A-May I Kill U?

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Lundagård’s interview with our Festival Director

Student newspaper Lundagård took the chance to talk to our Festival Director Johan Barrander. Full Interview  Read More


.. did we mention that it’s Friday? Part 8, FFF Vlog – brought to you by Maritte & Henriette  Read More

FFF Vlog // You’re Next

Part 7, FFF Vlog – brought to you by Maritte & Henriette Heni Goes Horror! and she did not die..  Read More

FFF Vlog // A Field in England

We would like to blame the poor video quality on the nonexcisting light in the cinema. Other than that, we wish for some enlightment! Part 6, FFF Vlog – brought to you by Maritte & Henriette  Read More

FFF Vlog // Seminars: Day One

We explored the first day of the fantastic seminars. Part 5, FFF Vlog – brought to you by Maritte & Henriette  Read More

FFF Vlog // Upcoming: Heni Goes Horror

A collective decission was made, Heni is going to watch a horror movie. And it’ll be documented. Stay scared! Part 4, FFF Vlog – brought to you by Maritte & Henriette  Read More

Between Life and Death: Love Eternal

How to live in a world that you don’t want to be part of anymore? And how to see the world that you don’t feel you have belonged to? These are the questions that ramble Ian’s mind. Death is the common denominator in the most significant events of his life. From the death of his father, Ian sees himself differently, but it isn’t until Ian finds a hung body in the forest when he decides to go into exile from the outside world. His exile ends at the age of... Read More