The Film Group’s Picks – Rasmus Östlund: Predestination

I’ll try to keep this spoiler free. Time travel is pretty awesome. It also makes no sense. The paradoxes involved are often too complex to understand, you sort of just go with it. But that’s why it’s awesome. Time travel makes a movie fantastic no matter what the setting is. Whenever time travel is part of a story, the limitations are different. I’ve been a time travel fan since I was very young (because of Time Bandits) and I love seeing the different takes on time travel,... Read More

The Film Group’s Picks – Kajsa Albertsdóttir: High Kick Angels

WOWZA! I was not expecting this. High Kick Angels is filled with surprisingly entertaining and well-choreographed action scenes. I was not able to stop smiling throughout the film. In High Kick Angels a young gang with film- and action hero ambitions gets a chance to live up to their potential when a super boss and her henchmen break into the gang’s school. Inspired by stars such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan the gang refuses to surrender. This is a film that does not ridicule... Read More

The Film Group’s Picks – Malin Svensson: Suburban Gothic

Richard Bates Jr. is back at LIFFF after the horror miracle Excision, two years past! In Suburban Gothic Bates retains the same colorful style but adds a large dose of black comedy. His characters are continues to be as delightfully excentric and actor Matthew Gray Gubler portrays an as energic a lead as the one we’ve gotten to know from his Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds. Add to that a pale and darkly clad Kat Dennings as a sidekick and the storys absolute negative pole… What... Read More

The Film Group’s Picks – Martin Memet Könick: Allelulia

There are different kinds of horrors, both on screen and off. As far as film’s concerned, you get something different from each kind. Sometimes you laugh at tropes, sometimes you shiver at graphic violence, sometimes you’re at the edge of your seat, dying to find out if the protagonists can escape their masked persuers. There are many more examples but the horrors we most keep with us, long after the film is over, is those that get beneath our skin and moves through... Read More

The Film Group’s Picks – Kajsa Albertsdóttir: Amnesia

Out on a secluded island we meet author couple Kathrine and Thomas. They are in love and all seems well, but pretty soon we get to witness Thomas violent character and control need. Thomas loses consciousness after a violent confrontation and when he awakes he’s lost all of his memories. This makes Katrine wonder who it is that has awoken. Nini Bull Robhsam creates a claustrophobic psychological thriller with relatively simple means. Staged in a stunningly beautiful but harsh... Read More

A word from the short film coordinator

You’ve seen the names in the catalogue, more or less cryptic titles with more or less cryptic subtitles. Yes, after all these years of having put short film packages together by numbers and lenght we decided to try something different this year. Every package has a theme, or a common thread, if you will. The same package may contain a lot or a few films, live action as well as animated, horrifying films as well as comedies but the thread is there to keep it together. The... Read More

The Film Group’s Picks – Malin Svensson: Stereo

Out of Germany director Maximillian Erlenwein gives us a heavy weight story portrayed by, among others, Germanys most beloved: Jörgen Vogel and Mortiz Bleibtreu, a dynamic duo who are allowed to show their darkest sides this time. It’s a film charged with a fast pace, violence and suspense with a few well placed gags and bright moments that makes it even more intense. Stereo is not the kind of stuff that’ll have you dozing off. If the story shouldn’t grab your... Read More

The Film Group’s Picks – Martin Memet Könick: It follows

A supernatural force hunts it’s prey, without mercy, and the only way to pass on the curse is to have sex with someone. After opening with a perfect demonstration of the terrible things the titular “It” does to it’s victims, a film follows that challenges horror tropes by using them but never submitting to them. With a pressing atmosphere, It follows ask interesting questions that challenge the audiences preconceptions and discusses subjects like sexuality,... Read More

The Film Group’s Picks – Martin Memet Könick: What We Do in the Shadows

Did you like Flight of the Conchords? In that case this vampire comedy, with several names from the TV-series involved, is the perfect film for you. Even if you didn’t, it’s still a unique story that’ll make you laugh and smile. A bunch of batchellor vampires, cohabitating in an apartment, have to maintain their archaic habits while peroccupied with the same everyday problems facing ordinary people in the same circumstances. Hitting the right spot with the blood... Read More

The Film Group’s Picks – Malin Svensson: Babadook

How I’ve longed for this! The first time I heard of Jennifer Kent was when the festival got her 2005 short “Monster”. I don’t remember if we choose to screen it that year, though I can’t imagine why we wouldn’t. It was the favorite of the entire short film group. The horrible creature that rampages on the border of reality and fantasy, and the premise behind it – poetically presented in the imagery – affected all of us. It’s... Read More