Festival trailer 2016!

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Intern Blog-Blade Runner 2

Warner Bros. and Alcon Entertainment has decided to move the premiere of the upcoming sequel of the classic Blade Runner from January 2018 to October 2017, the film is set several decades after the first film and the main character Rick Deckard is still played by Harrison Ford. Anton Holmkvist  Read More

Intern Blogg-Johnny Depp Apology

Johnny Depp and his wife Amber Heard reluctantly participated in a video about Australia´s biosecurity after they smuggled their two dogs, Boo and Pistol in to the country. The video was filmed to be used in court and Amber Heard was found guilty of forging documents (her passenger card). Anton Holmkvist  Read More

Intern Blog-Warcraft

The new movie Warcraft: The Beginning is coming soon and it has released a new trailer! I think the trailer looks pretty good but I have one complaint, the music. Personally I don’t think ectronic music is the most suitable, but fortunately Duncan Jones has said that the completed movie will feature more suitable music. Anton Holmkvist  Read More

The Programming Group’s Picks – Martin Memet Könick: H.

The apocalypse as a whimper and not a bang, if it’s arrived at all, mixed with beautiful pictures that at times make think about Theo Angelopoulos is some of the thoughts occupying my brain while watching H.’s two Helenas and their relationship to motherhood. Some kind of thing from outer space lands in the vicinity of New York and lures people into the woods, gravity is behaving wonky and the ghost of greek mythology is asserting it’s presence in numerous... Read More

The Programming Group’s Picks – Maritte Sørensen: DARK BELOW

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The Programming Group’s Picks – Kajsa Albertsdóttir: COOTIES

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The Film Group’s Picks 2014 – Rasmus Östlund: Predestination

I’ll try to keep this spoiler free. Time travel is pretty awesome. It also makes no sense. The paradoxes involved are often too complex to understand, you sort of just go with it. But that’s why it’s awesome. Time travel makes a movie fantastic no matter what the setting is. Whenever time travel is part of a story, the limitations are different. I’ve been a time travel fan since I was very young (because of Time Bandits) and I love seeing the different takes on time travel,... Read More

The Film Group’s Picks 2014 – Kajsa Albertsdóttir: High Kick Angels

WOWZA! I was not expecting this. High Kick Angels is filled with surprisingly entertaining and well-choreographed action scenes. I was not able to stop smiling throughout the film. In High Kick Angels a young gang with film- and action hero ambitions gets a chance to live up to their potential when a super boss and her henchmen break into the gang’s school. Inspired by stars such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan the gang refuses to surrender. This is a film that does not ridicule... Read More

The Film Group’s Picks 2014 – Malin Svensson: Suburban Gothic

Richard Bates Jr. is back at LIFFF after the horror miracle Excision, two years past! In Suburban Gothic Bates retains the same colorful style but adds a large dose of black comedy. His characters are continues to be as delightfully excentric and actor Matthew Gray Gubler portrays an as energic a lead as the one we’ve gotten to know from his Spencer Reid in Criminal Minds. Add to that a pale and darkly clad Kat Dennings as a sidekick and the storys absolute negative pole… What... Read More